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The Dichotomy

Follow the adventures of General Hero and his "semi-retired" villainous wife, Lady Malice as they live their extra-ordinary lives.

The Mistress Files

Care to find out why one young woman risks it all to become the most feared criminal mastermind in the world?

About Us

Meet the Creators

These are all the lovely folks who pour their hearts and souls into producing the podcast as you know. From our writers and producers, to our actors and actresses, we work hard to make you laugh.
And sometimes cry.

Samuel-Alejandro D. Fuentes

Pronouns: He/Him

Role: Co-Creator, Writer, Director, General Hero, Jorge, Terminal Velocity, and a few others.

Bio: The co-creator and head writer for The Dichotomy, Space Oddities, David Vincent Angel, and The Outlanders. D&D, mini-painting, and video game enthusiast. Wishes to someday VA for Guillermo Del Toro

Twitter: @RhoDoom, @LaughablyE

Alysia Lanning

Pronouns: She/Her

Role: Lady Malice, Kid Detective, and Minion Ber. Co-Creator, Co-Writer

Bio: A supportive wife and dedicated friend, Alysia helps keep the head writer in check. Creator of delicious smoothies and overall most loveable goblin/racoon hybrid. Gives best hugs: ten out of ten trash can fires.

Twitter: @ArcaneRazil

Kathryn Stanley

Pronouns: She/Her

Role: Producer, Director, Script Editor, Dialogue and Sound Editor, Voice Actress; Roles TBA

Bio: Self-teaching herself sound engineering two years ago, Katie is now the editor of three audio dramas. She has worked with Laughably Dapper for 6 years and is working on expanding her range and acting skills. She hopes to voice a character in the Assassin's Creed franchise one day.

Twitter Handle: @kstanley42

Jacob Birks

Pronouns: He/They

Role: Voice Actor for Captain Australia, Kommissar Kane, Crit, Thermos, Franklin Van Hellsing. Writer for Dramatically Dapper.

Bio: Jacob Birks has worked side by side with Laughably Dapper for many years, asking nothing in the way of payment outside of simple friendship, as well as working on The Mistress Files for Dramatically Dapper. He works hard to perfect his voicing, developing with depth for the characters, as well as his writing skills.

Twitter Handle: @JBirks_VA

Meet the Cast

Kayla Valderas

Pronouns: She/Her

Role: Voice Actress, plays Venomous Evey/Katia Kane/The MEEP/The MOOP

Bio: Kayla Valderas has worked for over 5 years with Laughably Dapper Entertainment to bring a variety of characters to life, as well as a year to do the same for The Mistress with Dramatically Dapper. She loves to try her hand at any genre and to take on the challenges that portraying each new character brings. Kayla strives to make each voice she provides unique and memorable.

Twitter Handle: @VA_Valderas

Josei Kage

Pronouns: She/Her

Role: Succubus/Henchperson

Bio: I've worked for over 3 years with Laughably Dapper Entertainment! Also do voice acting and narration for a One Piece fanfiction and various creepy pastas on my YouTube channel! Have had 5+ years experience with video editing, amateur foley work, and audio engineering.

Twitter Handle: @Josei_Kage

Aaron Moos | Moosedup Productions

Pronouns: He/him

Roles: Voice actor: Maple Mounty/Officer Buttersworth, Ratman/Mark Plumber

Bio: Friend of superheroes and eldritch evils alike, Moosedup Productions is an enthusiastic voice actor with a wide range of voices suited for every genre under the sun. He enjoys working with his voice to find the perfect pitch and method of delivery to bring characters to life, no matter who they are.


Derrick Davis

Pronouns: He/Him

Role: Voice Actor, Sound Engineer

Bio: Derrick has worked as a voice actor since 2015 and joined Laughably Dapper as the penny-pinching Crisp Dollar, working to bring his charisma and energy into every performance. He offers proficiency in comedy and more serious roles, but is always eager to try his hand at broader subjects.

Twitter Handle: REDACTED

Josh Wells/Josh Wells Voices

Pronouns: He/Him

Roles: Carpe Diem/Soldier Sass/First Mate Fox

Bio: Josh Wells is a guy from Connecticut, who’s an improviser and voice actor who loves to entertain anyone who’ll listen and/or watch. He also currently does all his own stunts.

Twitter: @joshwellsvoices

Shae Ammon Holme

Pronouns: He/Him

Role: Voice Actor, plays Dick Detective

Bio: Originally auditioning for the role of The Cardinal, Shae Holme has become synonymous with the role of Dick Detective,bringing his own unique brand of improv to the character.

Twitter Handle: @NeoLunacorva

Phoenix Ragsdale

Pronouns: He/She/They

Role: Voice Actor, plays various supporting characters

Bio: Prior to joining the Laughably Dapper Crew in 2016, Phoenix began voice acting independently through creepypasta narration productions, under the name Midnite Marshall. Here, they experimented with various characters of all types, genders, ages...and sanities, from 2012 to 2017. In the course of those 5 years, Phoenix has not only developed a wide, diverse range of vocal abilities, but a better understanding on almost every facet of audio production. From sound effects to music - visuals to audio editing - collaborations to competitions - Phoenix has a keen eye and ear for the craft. And thanks to their bigender identity, there's literally no role they can't handle: old or young, big or small, human or monster, anything goes!

Twitter: @PhoenixMidnite

Maxwell Hastings

Pronouns: He/Him

Role: Voice Actress, plays Lieutenant Pip

Bio: Maxwell Hastings works as a overly British person for laughably dapper entertainment. His main job involves feigning a interest in tea, complaining how things was better in the Victorian era, annoying the French, and trying to re-colonise the America (which is currently making little headway). Out side of this, he’s currently trying to turn the Dichotomy setting into a RPG source book, but is making little headway and probably won’t have done until the next century passes.

Twitter Handle: @MaxwellHasting1


Pronouns: They/Them

Role: Voice Actor; Die-O-Rama, Gina, Customer 5

Bio: Mud has worked for about a year with Dapper as a background character and villain. They will provide indistinct chatter, screams, and occasional quips, will make speaking words for sandwich.

Twitter handle: @mudkupkip

Old Man Murphy

Pronouns: I/Me

Role: Voice Actor, plays The Terrible Old Man / Various other voices

Bio: Murphy has worked on and off with Laughably Dapper for several years now and always brings a level of insane improvisational professionalism to the group. While most of what you hear is, in fact scripted, his timing and knowing when to ad-lib always makes it difficult for the rest of the cast to keep a straight face. Murphy has been voice acting since 2012 when he started his own YouTube channel to narrate creepypasta, and and since broadened his horizons since. You can catch him mostly on TikTok bringing comedy to politics.

Twitter Handle: @oldmanmurphy76

YouTube: wellheyproductions

TikTok: @oldmanmurphy_76

Demo Reel: https://wellhey.com/

Randolph Castellanos (Stage Name: Kyzer Aqueron)

Pronouns: He/Him

Role: Voice Actor, Plays FatCat/Various others

Bio: My name is Randolph Castellanos, age 27, and voice acting is my passion turned profession. I have been performing as a voice actor/ voice over artist for nearly a decade and with every role I receive I do my best to breathe life into the character. To able to achieve my goal of being a voice actor is a pride I carry with me in my work every day.

Twitter handle - @KyzerAqueron

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyJPC8CTnlZ2kHDgD_CFiJQ

Larry Schneider

Criminal wanted for the disappearance of Nathan "JimFear" Dabney. If found, please beat mercilessly until he returns our beloved friend. Not to be trusted. Has been known to change shape. Offering $1.00 bounty for his capture.

Alain D'Regel

Pronouns: He/Him

Role: Voice Actor

Bio: Alain D'Regel joined Laughably Dapper in 2019 and has since participated in a fair amount of projects. Though still an amateur he strives to better his voice in order to help others create their dream stories and making them come true.
Headshot: Sorry, this is the best I've got. I'll see if I can find a better picture.

Twitter Handle: @TheAlanon

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